Wildfires vs. Wildlife

In Florida we all know that there is the wet season, which normally runs from May through mid October, and the dry season during the winter and early spring. During the end of the dry season it is normal to walk out your front door and smell the distinct scent of a wildfire (especially in Palm Bay, FL). Some of these are prescribed burns and others are wild which can force some homeowners to evacuate.  People aren’t the only ones that may have to leave their homes, wildlife need a place to go too. This can lead to an increase in wildlife activity and calls to Critter Control Fort lauderdale in neighborhoods surrounding the fire. Critters will seek shelter in your attic and soffits until the fire is over or you have them removed. Wildfires aren’t all bad though. The environment needs them once in a while. Thick brush takes over the nutrient rich plants that most wildlife need and the fires allow new vegetation to grow. Think of it kind of like spring in the north.



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