Feeding Wild Birds in the Summer

Were you aware that Wild Bird Feeding is one of the most popular hobbies in the united states?

Summer is a great time to have Raccoon Removal and feed your feathered friends in your lawn! You get to see them in complete plume, filling your lawn with action, and even watch them raise their own families. It is entertaining for all ages! All you have to get started is really a birdfeeder and bird seed.

Choosing a Bird Feeder

There are a lot of types of wild birdfeeders: Earth, Hanging, Nectar, Hopper, Suet, Tube and Platform, to mention a couple. They range in cost from $3.00 to over $100.00. However, if you are new to wild bird feeding. I recommend that you begin with an affordable seed feeder and a watering well. Seed feeders tend to pull in more kinds of birds than other feeders.

If you would like to begin bird feeding on a budget, then try out the Gadjit Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Kits. The kits are inexpensive and attach to differently discarded plastic soda bottles. There is also a Watering Well in the line to supply a watering source for the birds.

Summer Bird Feeding Tips

Keep your birdfeeders in shaded locations. This will help the birds to keep cool and minimize seed spoilage.

1. If you want to lure wild birds into your yard… keep cats indoors. With many birds nesting throughout the Summer time, you would like to defend the baby birds that might be just from the nest.

2. Minimize birds hitting your windows by positioning feeders away from windows and utilizing anti-reflective decals on the windows.

3. Don’t forget the water! In order to create a backyard habitat because of our flying friends, be sure to provide a source of water for them. Use a watering nicely or bird bath and attempt to keep the water clean.

Some of the Greatest Summer Bird Foods

You can purchase bird seed in wild bird supply shops, grocery stores, pet stores, home improvement stores, and gardening centers. Offering a wide assortment of bird foods can draw in a larger range of bird species to your feeders.

Different Bird Seeds Attract Various Types of Birds

Fruit – Attracts Summer Songbirds

Mealworms – Attracts Bluebirds, Wrens, Warblers

Peanuts Suet – Attracts Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Jays

Now sit back and revel in the “air show” on your back yard!

For additional info on wild bird feeding, stop by your local wild bird store.

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